Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Goals Post

Hiya everyone
Ive decided to start the new year with a blog. Mostly for somewhere to keep my pics and set goals for the year.  
So my goals for the year are:

Start and finish Porthole of Fantasy 1

Im doing this as part of a SAL on facebook.

Start and finish SK Trick or Treat

This one is the HAED 2013 BB SAL. Very excited to get the first page of this chart.

Start Hannah Lynn Montage


Ive been waiting 4 months to start this one so its going to be a very happy day when I finally do.

Page 3 of Mini Cheshire Cat


Page 1 & 2 already complete. Page 3 will complete the top row.


1 page of Pink Butterfly Fairy

I would ideally like to finish the 2nd row but the pages of black dont keep my interest long enough.

Start and finish Tribal Santa Hat

Cant decide whether to do this one on black aida or a hand dyed fabric.


  1. Some great goals Vorny - looking forward to seeing your progress x

    1. I've played it safe as I'm easily distracted.